Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pool Landscaping ~ Patios Albany, Clifton park, Troy, Saratoga, New York

Pearl Landscaping & Patio Company.  Today's advancements in pool patio materials have eliminated the plain concrete patios so many of us grew up with. Now, a pool patio can dramatically improve your home's landscape design. The choices are endless. Contact Pearl Landscaping & Patio for your landscaping project serving Albany, Clifton Park, Saratoga, Schenectady, NY 

Natural Stone

Natural stone is a very luxurious choice for patios, you can cut costs by choosing stone from a local quarry. The native New York flagstone here was hand cut to match the travertine in the home. This is labor intensive and adds to the total cost, but the result is magnificent.

Stone can be installed various ways, depending on the soil conditions. If the existing soil is clay based, it would be wise to lay stone on a 4-inch concrete slab with steel reenforcement for a sturdy base.

Stone color can vary dramatically, since it's a natural product. Samples can give you an idea of what it will be like, but know that there will be color variations.

Flagstone patios can be installed with ground cover planted in between, as shown in this image. This type of application complements the natural surroundings — but be sure to have the patio slant gently away from the pool to avoid runoff into the water.


Pavers are still a popular choice for homeowners. This pool patio is made with Belgard Mega Bergerac Squares and the Belgard Dublin Cobble. Many colors, shapes, and patterns are available to help cater to all individual tastes and needs. Remembering that, the type of pavers you have decided on need to be slip resistant.

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