Monday, February 10, 2014

Landscape Lighting

In the spectrum of home improvement, landscape lighting might be the most overlooked. It is, however, one of the least-obstructive design projects you can undertake. You won’t have to move out or do without the kitchen, be limited to the use of just one bathroom or be constantly cleaning up construction debris. Any work conveniently takes place outdoors.

While the implementation of the project can be easier to cope with, the complexity and expense will vary greatly depending on your preferences. You may have a beautiful old oak tree in your front yard, and adding a strategically placed floodlight would be enough. Or you may have a large sloping site with many different elements that need attention, so you may want to involve a professional landscape architect.

Significant trees take command of a landscape during the day. Once night falls, they disappear into the darkness unless appropriately placed lighting illuminates them. The effects can be remarkable. Whether underlit, flooded from one side or lit from fixtures mounted to branches, the features of the tree take on an extraordinary appearance when highlighted with light.

Landscape lighting can be installed quickly compared to other projects. You can get your oak tree lit up in an afternoon. Professional installations usually take a few days. Factor in design time of at least a month.

Permit: Simpler projects may not need permits, but this is an area dealing with electricity, and proper installation is mandatory. If the new system connects or plugs into existing electrical systems, it is unlikely that a permit is necessary. But if it requires wiring or rewiring of any kind, it’s best to call in professionals.

Best time to do this project: Spring and summer, unless you live in a mild climate; then anytime should work.

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